Ohio Motocross Track & Dirt Bike Trails: Grears MX

Grears Motocross Park is a beautiful compound out in Zanesville Ohio! 

Grears MX is normally just open to Bikes and Pit Bikes.

The compound consists of 4 tracks (Turn track, Intermediate track, Big track, Kids track) for you to hone your motocross skills set on a beautiful property with rolling hills!

The family that own and run it are awesome and down to earth people so make sure to introduce yourself whenever you are there! 


Grears MX posts their schedule and when they are open to their Facebook. Definitely call before you haul to this place!


On most occasions it is 25$ per rider. 

For events, there is a 10$ Gate Fee & 15$ to camp!

Here's a video from the Clapped MX guys!
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Track reviews from Chris Nurko:

Big track

It had some big up hill doubles and some down hills.
They don't call it the Glenn helen of ohio for nothing!

Intermediate track

This thing was fun! It had some jumps and rollers. It's a nice fast pace track to get your skills in check.

Turn track

This thing has big wide and swooping turns through the woods up hill and down!

Kids track

The kids track is flat with a bunch of turns for them to practice and slowly move their way up throughout the compound!

 Check out a video from the Limitless Moto crew!
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