Pennsylvania Motocross Tracks & Dirt Bike Trails: Happy Ramblers Motocross

Happy Ramblers Motocross is ran by the Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club. Membership is position/job based where everyone puts in the work which creates a great sense of family. They have been pushing the development of motocross and dirt bike racing since the beginning!



The Motocross Track:

The track is laid out like Supercross. It consists of double and triple jumps and large tabletops in a compact layout. Clay based dirt with wood chips and sand mixed in keeps the track perfect for your dirt bike!

Motocross History:

In 1939, Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club was started by moto enthusiasts. The original Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club comprised of both men and women riders as well as street & dirt bikes. 

They leased land until 1968 when the officers finally purchased the land we ride today! It has been every type of track known to motocross. It started as a flat track until converted to a European style motocross track iun 1974. In '78 the track was plowed over and they put in a Motocross track!

Since then this motocross track has attracted riders like Travis Pastrana, Jason Lawrence, Barry Carsten, Jeff Yentzer, Tim Schmelyun, and the heart of Motocross...Amateur riders of all levels! It is truly a club with its friendly envuironment that pushes the development of the motocross sport!



Motorcycle Helmet

Dirt bike Goggles

Long sleeve shirt


Over the ankle boots



Chest protector

Knee pads

Kneck brace



(depends per series)

$30-40 per class.

15$ Gate fee. 

Open Practice:

$35 for non members. 

Guest of Member (non open practice):

$30 all day


$15 after 2pm



  • Must attend club meetings
  • Position/job based, it is the member’s responsibility to fulfill the job duties for that position for the entire year.  
  • $100 for returning members, $150 for new members
  • Full access to the facilities except special events                                                                      (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun – 9am-7pm; M, T 9am-5pm)
  • No gate fee on race weekend
  • All practices are free
  • Must be authorized member to operate equipment  
  • Track is not always prepped 



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