Ohio Pitbike Association's "Ohio MiniMoto Nationals"!!

Ohio Pitbike Association's

Ohio Pitbike Association (OPA) has put together a string of 12 Pitbike races across Ohio and ending in Delaware spanning from April 18th to October 17th!

In True OPA style, these wont just be run of the mill Pitbike races, and they weren't just thrown together like some you see popping up. 


At the last race we had the chance to get to know these guys really well and its amazing how much they love this lifestyle.  Ohio Pitbike Association (OPA) was started by Mark Wright and Jonathan Harrop.

I was trying to get a feel to be able to write this article... but to be honest, it's best in Marks own words:

Mark Wright Ohio Pitbike Races

How did Ohio Pitbike Association come about?

"Him (Harrop) and I met at Route 62 in 2020 winter indoor series .. we threw around the idea of backyard tracks and some backyard races this year after bullshittin and sharing the same passion of riding and wanting to have some events to go to and grow the sport in general... and here we are! I feel like I’ve known Harrop for years man, he’s a cool ass dude for sure."

Why start Ohio Pitbike Association?

"I’d like to give my family the opportunity to do things right in my hands now and give these kids an opportunity to be involved in something as awesome as motocross or just riding in general. There’s so much to learn , always work involved, something to look forward to, and what’s more fun than a dirtbike or hitting some badass jumps with family and friends who become family?"

What are your goals with the Association and the Series this summer?

"My goal is to show my family what dirtbikes and motocross is all about and hope they at least will share the same passion as me . Track life is more than dirtbikes. Camping, outdoors, family friends gathering , the track side helpers when bikes break and people band together to help.. i just want to give my family a view at the alternative lifestyles that are endless in sports like Motocross!"


Each Round Consists of 16 classes!

The OPA Team carefully picked out some of the best tracks the Ohio Motocross scene has to offer and carefully planned out a rowdy summer for everyone! 

Prepare for a fun weekend event anytime OPA comes together.

So far, at the first two races we've had a Pitbike raffle, some crazy outfits, relay races, and an FMX ramp. 

You can look forward to Pitbike rodeos (relay races), Freestyle events, Straight Rhythm events, Live Music, Big iBke free rides, Lakes for swimming & Fishing, & more!

These guys are seriously always chatting about how to make these things more fun. No lie, I am in the chat.
Clickable links for more information for each round!

Winners, photos, and recap videos will be posted on these pages at the end of each round!



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