Pitbike Shootout at Ram Jam Sportsplex

Pitbike Shootout at Ram Jam Sportsplex
Chris hit me up on Monday with a wild idea... Lets buy a pitbike, race it in ohio this weekend, and then raffle the bike off when we get home. So naturally, without hesitation, we bought a pitbike dirt bike, rented a van, packed up all the gear and any hoodies, hats, beanies, sweatshirts, sweatpants or anything else we had laying around leftover from Black Friday sales and headed to Ohio. We will be updating this page throughout the weekend with pictures and videos of the event! And of course we will have a recap!


The event?

Ram Jam Sportsplex Pitbike Shootout!

$2200 already added to the open $$!!!!

The shootout is hosted at Ohio's premier indoor motocross facility. Freshly groomed tracks that are changed every year all put together by a family thats been in the industry for over 30 years!

The Classes:

10 Inch Open:

10 inch rear wheel max. Open CC. 

10 Inch Bonestock:

111 cc max. Stock pipe, carb, air box, cylinder, header required. Shock and Comfort mods are okay. Stock Swinger Required. 


Trailbikes and big wheel mini dirtbikes allowed. 150cc Max (no R model). Also allowing stock 110s.

Stock-Mod No Clutch:

155cc Max. 12 Inch rear wheel Max. No clutch allowed. Drum brakes required. 


155cc Max. China style brakes. KLX Cri lightly modified bikes with inverted forks and disc break and MX swingers. 

Stock-Mod Clutch:

155cc Max. 12 Inch rear max. Clutchless models allowed. Drum brakes required. 


12 Inch rear wheel max. Unlimited cc. Horizontal air cooled motors only.

Vet +35 Heavyweight:

over 35 y.o or over 230 lbs. Trail Dirt Bikes allowed up to 150cc (No R Model). Open rules apply otherwise. 

Pit Quad 90:

Open to all model stock 90cc 4 stroke miniquads, Stock motor, carb, pipe, and suspension required, Comfort mods are okay. 

The Track?

Ram Jam Sportsplex!

You can read more about the track on our "Places to Ride: OHIO guide" here. 

They also have a writeup on Pitracer.com here!

or... here it from themselves here.

 Video Updates
Us headed to the track in the morning!
The bike Chris rode!
And as our friends Minimotonation pointed out...
That first turn carnage.....


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