Rowdy Life Designs Fundraising Program & Sponsorships

Anyone with a passion to ride & gets on their bike often can join our fundraising program!

Our Rowdy Life Racing Teams and Creator Teams are chosen from this program!

Why both programs?

When I was a kid, I begged for years for a dirt bike. Finally, one Christmas I got one. I remember rolling around the living room with joy. I counted down the minutes at school, ran down the street off the bus & straight to the garage. This was the routine until... The bike was stolen. Unfortunately, it's happened to a lot of us.

Long story short, this lifestyle is expensive & shit happens.

 Unfortunately, the money, can deter people from getting started, keeping up, or getting back into the scene.

That is why we wanted to create a ground up program. Something that could help anyone who is interested, get into the scene. Not just the riders killing it at the top. 

When were putting together a youth racing team, the word fundraising popped into the conversation and reminded us of those fundraisers we did at elementary school! 


What's in it for us? 

  1. We get to give back to the community and curate it from the ground up! 
  2. Product and lifestyle photos
  3. Product reviews
  4. Exposure at events
  5. Exposure on social media

What's in it for you?

  1. Free merch
  2. Chances to be featured on our social media and website!!
  3. Your own affiliate link & QR code making you 10% on all sales.
  4. Coupon code for your fans, saving them 5% or more!
  5. Free edited content for you to post or keep.

How do I get started?

Step 1

  1. Send us an email to
  2. Subject Line “I want to join the Rowdy Fundraiser”.
  3. Write a short description of yourself, races youve entered, your bike, why you ride, and why we should sponsor you. (this helps us write captions and welcome posts)

Step 2

  1. You will receive an invite to a google drive folder for us to share content back and forth.
  2. Upload some pictures and videos so that we can edit together an introductory post or video.

Step 3

  1. We will reply to your original Email with the page to signup for the affiliate link and coupon code.
  2. Do this.
  3. Post that code on your YouTube channel & videos, Instagram Profile, and on any posts of our stuff or even you riding.
  4. Anyone that enters the site through this code and makes a purchase is considered your sale and you make 10%.
  5. That is dont through a third party app, and you are paid before we are!

Step 4

  1. We will send you out a welcome package with merch.
  2. Enjoy it!

Step 5

  1. getting another package is easy. Leave us a photo or video review for each of the products we sent you. Check your Email. We sent you one with all the product links
  2. Check your Email. We sent you one with all the product links!
  3. Upload photos and videos to the shared drive folder (from step 2) with your new gear!

Step 6


The better the content and the faster your reviews are up.... the better packages you'll receive!


To get your affiliate link, Qr Code & Coupon code follow the link below!


Affiliate Link Setup


Our top Fundraisers who can meet additional criteria will be selected for our Rowdy Life Racing & Creator Team!


Rowdy Life Racing & Creator Team

  1. Make an extra 5% totaling 15% of all sales. 
  2. Support for races or trips! 
  3. Business cards, flyers, and banners for races with your Qr code
  4. Featured YouTube videos on our channel. (you can post it to your channel as well!)
  5. Film/photo for your races that we make it to.
  6. Team only events!
  7. Dedicated page on our website with anything you would like including but not limited to photos, videos, your affiliate links and coupon code, past podium appearances, upcoming events, and you can even post coupon codes or affiliate links to your other sponsors!

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