Pennsylvania Motocross Tracks & Dirt Bike Trails: Dutchmen MX Park

Dutchmen MX Park

In 1969 this Motocross track opened in Pine Grove Pennsylvania as The Flying Dutchmen Motocross Park. Operated by The Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club it started out as a flat track like msot tracks of that time before bringing in the new era of Motocross. The team there routinely bring in top soil, saw dust and mulch to give us great conditions and an awesome track to ride!


Race Weekend:



Gates open - 5pm


Practice Time - 10am-4pm
Early Sign Up for Sundays race: 5pm-8pm


Sign up times: 7am-9am
Practice start time: 9am
Riders meeting time: After practice
Start of first moto: 10:30am



Gate fee:

$15 for all riders and adults
5 and under free (non-rider)
6-9 y/o $10 (non-rider)

Saturday Practice:


Sunday Race Classes:


Practice Weekend

Practice cost: $35 per rider, no gate fee.

All practices are organized open practice, they are split up into separate classes on the main track for safety precautions. We offer three tracks, a peewee track(for 50’s only) a intermediate track(for big and little bikes. If you can ride big track you should not be on intermediate track) and our main track.


1.) All riders must wear appropriate gear: Helmets, Boots, Eye protection, Gloves, Long sleeve top, and Long pants.

2.) Parents and/or guardians are responsible at all times for their children.

3.) All dogs must be leashed and monitored at all times.

4.) No climbing on fence.

5.) No littering, please use garbage cans.

6.) No pit riding 1st gear only to and from the track. Must wear helmet at all times.

7.) Everyone must sign release forms when entering gate.

8.) Refunds: Once practice/race has started there are no refunds. Please inspect the track prior to practice/race.

9.) No family member, friend, mechanic, spectator, or photographer may enter the track at any given time. If you want to go out on the track please, talk to track crew first.

If you are caught on the track without permission. You and your rider will be asked to leave immediately.

10.) If a minor is coming with someone other than parent, they must bring a letter giving that adult authorization for the minor.

This letter must be signed, dated and notarized.

11.) We have plenty of parking, so please do not park in front of our equipment barns.

12.) Camp fires are permitted as long as it is safely contained and not left unattended.

13.) No dumping containments on property.

14.) There are only 50, 65 and beginner riders allowed on the lower track. If you are a danger to these riders You will be asked to leave.

Motocross is a dangerous sport. If you don’t have health insurance it is suggested that you obtain health insurance from a company that provides such insurance. If you don’t have medical coverage, we suggest you do not ride.

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