Rowdy Raffles!

Rowdy Raffles!

Chris and I have been toying with how to gather some funds to take this thing to the next level. 

Rowdy Life Designs needs funds for: 

  1. Photo shoots
  2. Inventory
  3. Throwing events
  4. Advertising
  5. Sponsorships

We have had offers for equity investments and even debated whether or not to take out loans. At one point we were thinking of throwing a fundraising event...

Then we took notice to all these raffles going on around us. There are raffles ln social media of all kinds. We wont be nearly the 1st to do something like this, and although there are some accounts that go overboard with the pricing, we will not. 

How this works. 

Depending on the cost of the bike, we will set an amount of tickets and their price. 

You are allowed to buy multiple spots to up your chances. 

you are allowed to pick your numbers. 

Once all tickets are sold, we will go live and pick a winner. 

If you are within 3 hours of philadelphia we will drop the bike off to you.

If you are 3+ hours outside philadelphia you must pick your prize up or pay for shipping. 


We will be posting the bikes purchase price and any parts and mods we do to the bike. 

We will also let you know SPECIFICALLY what the extra funds will be used for. After the fact, we will post the results of those funds. 


These raffles will not work if you do not trust us and vice versa. Everything will be done via live stream so it is obvious there is no funny business. There will be no possible way for anyone to rig this


Say we bought a klx 110 for 1500 and it was ready to be raffled and didnt need any work or additional money. 

We would announce that we are selling tickets for $40 a piece and there will be 50 tickets.

We will let you know, lets say, that we will be using the $500 from the raffle to

1. buy a bigger bike for the next raffle (200$ + original 1500= 1700 for next bike to be raffled)

2. get inventory printed for a new design ($200)

3. Have a photoshoot done with the new design ($100). 

We will then raffle the bike once all tickets are sold on the livestream and then deliver the bike. 

After all that, we will post pics of the inventory when it comes in and the final pictures on the original blog post for that raffle, as well as our social media. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Rowdy Raffles

Here is a list of upcoming, ongoing, and past raffles!

  1. Klx 110 with 160 big bore kit!


We are not just a merch company for a professional rider. We are amateur riders ourselves who have always had a passion for art and fashion. We got bored of of the available options for our lifestyle. So we set out to create our own. Unlike a merch company, we have a passion for the art and quality that goes into fashion. 

Rowdy Life Designs has set out on a mission to bring DIRTWEAR to the world. It's streetwear....FOR THE DIRT!

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